Approaching the need for hospice services can be challenging. You may have some questions.

“How do hospice services differ from other health care services?”

“To what extent will my loved one’s unique needs be met by hospice staff?”

Hospice Care Nurses and Other Personnel

Just as a specialist is best able to treat unique medical needs, the hospice team is dedicated to addressing the unique needs of those requiring end of life care. One of the most vital aspects of this specialized care is the role of the hospice interdisciplinary team. The Cura hospice team is comprised of hospice and palliative care certified medical professionals with specific training and experience who specialize in meeting the distinct medical and emotional needs of patients approaching the end of life. Cura-HPC physicians, nurses, social workers, and chaplains provide education regarding the disease process and provide expertise to manage symptoms and control pain — which is often associated with end-of-life disease.

“How will hospice help me as a caregiver?”

Taking care of anyone, in any stage of health, can be a challenging full-time job. In some instances, a caregiver can feel uncertain about caring for the new and emerging needs of their loved one. The role of the hospice nurse is to provide education and support to caregivers and family members during this challenging time. The gradual passing of a loved one can leave loved ones physically and emotionally drained. The entire Cura hospice team, including social workers, aides and chaplains will be available to provide psychosocial and spiritual support so that families can engage and embrace this journey with their loved one.

You probably have a variety of very unique questions about the specifics of hospice care. In order to have your questions answered and your anxieties relieved, we welcome you to reach out to Cura-HPC. To set up an appointment to speak with a hospice professional, feel free to call 1-800-797-3839.