Knowing when it’s time to enroll a loved one in hospice care can seem like a complicated decision. Due to stigmas and misconceptions, people can be hesitant to place their loved one in hospice care. However, almost any experienced caregiver will recommend enrolling in hospice as soon as possible.

The best way to know it’s time to call a hospice company is when the attending physician gives a diagnosis of six months to live. Although this is never good news to get, it will qualify your loved one for hospice care. This means their medical care will be completely paid for by Medicare and they can receive 24/7 care in some cases.

Some might still be hesitant to enroll after getting the 6 months diagnosis, because they feel like they’re giving up on their loved one, but this isn’t true. Hospice doesn’t mean giving up and hospice isn’t hopeless. It’s one of the best levels of medical care a patient can have. Hospice employees are trained to meet the unique needs of a patient in the end of life stages.

Issues like pain management, wound care, and bereavement, can all greatly improve the quality of life for the patient and their family. The goal of hospice care is to make the patient as comfortable as possible. One way we accomplish this is by treating the patient in their own home. Getting treatment in a hospital or other healthcare facilities can be intimidating and incredibly inconvenient. By allowing the patient to remain in their own home, it removes the stress and strain of traveling to and from treatment facilities.

This higher caliber of care and increased level of patient comfort are two great reasons to call a hospice as soon as your loved one qualifies. If you’re questioning whether they meet the qualifications for hospice care, call one of our transition coordinators and they will be more than happy to assist you.